November 2020


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Best option for buyers

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Silicon Valley to improvise on the decision on considering India for manufacturing. But the tables turned other ways round. The Tesla company did not show any keen interest in this proposal of Narendra Modi. Instead the CEO of the company, Elon Musk talks about the production of electric vehicles in China. Further announcements to be made any time soon.

The Then Reason

Though Mr Modi wanted to have a powerful impact on TSLA Company when he visited the Bay area in September alternatively, he also kept an eye on company’s power wall battery packs so that he can encourage the same electric power breakthrough technology in India as well as generated in electric cars.

A Glance at China

As per the news reported by Chinese media, Tesla’s Model S luxury sedan is to be manufactured or produced in China which is priced at $ 70,000. The reason for choosing china being high tech market tools and population to increase sales. Elon Musk also said that the production costs could be cut by one-third in China.

Since China is emerging to be the world’s largest car market, a charm is expected by Chinese population when they oversee the idea of electric cars. China, the hub of cars, sold 20 million cars last year and the demand for electric vehicles is very high. Not only to cater time issues and to add another gem to their collection of cars but to also resolve the ever-growing pollution rate. To control the pollution rates and to protect the environment from drowning under the dreadful impact of global warming, electric vehicles could play major roles.

In November 2013, Tesla Company opened a showroom in Beijing. And now shifting the production of an entire range of Tesla, would support locals and give a booster to the company. It will also encourage a sense of cohesion in China’s citizens.

Why a No for India?

Speaking on the same line, India also faces similar or rather worse issues of pollution. But the mismanagement and tough political and environmental organization have left the Tesla Company is lack of interest for opting India as production or manufacturing and selling site. There are a lot of Indian engineers supporting the Tesla Company but the decision of not considering India was taken way before Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoped for.

The ‘Make in India’ campaign didn’t prove to be beneficial for Tesla Company and hence they moved their eyes towards China for better engagement.  If you want to buy the stock of Tesla, you need check its cash flow at

Of course, breaking the tradition of giving for Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be a nice move, especially if you’re in a relationship. If you are unsure about what to give to your girlfriend, fiancé or wife, read these tips below. We stick to traditional gifts that will achieve the romantic effect that almost every woman dreams of, but at the same time we warn of possible pitfalls that lie behind the most popular Valentine’s ideas and advise how to avoid them. And don’t forget about the Cheap Engagement Rings that you can choose to get engaged with her on this auspicious day.

Flowers To Express Your Love

Flowers seem to be an ideal choice for any occasion for your better half, so you can’t go wrong with flowers even if you choose it for Valentine’s Day. However, if you have only been in a relationship for a short time, ask what flowers she likes so that you don’t give her someone who makes her have bad memories or who she doesn’t like at all.

Although truly any flower can be given away for Valentine’s Day, red roses are most often given as gifts because they symbolize love, passion and romance. If you are still not sure in which direction your relationship is going, donate pink roses that symbolize tender feelings. In addition to roses, you can also give tulips as a gift, especially if you are in a long-term relationship or marriage based on friendship. They are ideal because in nature they begin to grow with the awakening of spring, so they symbolize a new life, a new opportunity. Orchids are reserved for sophisticated women, lilies of the valley for delicate women, and just like tulips, they symbolize a new beginning and awakening.

Diamonds Are a Woman’s Best Friend

A famous sentence says that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but for Valentine’s Day you really don’t have to reach for diamonds, especially if you’re not in a long-term relationship. Women will love any piece of jewelry, of course, if it is in line with their preferences. Before you give jewelry to a girl or wife, ask what kind of jewelry she likes. If you don’t want to ask her that question directly, and her loved ones can’t help you, watch her closely, because based on that you can find out a lot about which piece of jewelry she would like. Just look at her style of dress. If practicality and sporty leisure are in the first place, choose somewhat more decent jewelry that she will be able to wear regularly without changing her style. If you notice that he regularly reads fashion magazines and blindly follows trends, she will definitely like what is currently in trend. So currently in many jewelry stores you can find bracelets that are a combination of yellow or white gold and colorful fabrics.

69 Rose Gold Engagement Rings For Every Bridal Style

If you are buying her jewelry for the first time, start with one piece.

For example, if you are unsure whether to give her a necklace, bracelet or both, opt for one, and for the next Valentine’s Day, Christmas or birthday you can add another piece of jewelry that will match the one previously donated. By your partner’s initial reaction, you will know if you are going in the right direction, and that is also a great idea for creating a collection.

If your relationship is serious and you have been thinking about marriage for a long time, Valentine’s Day is an ideal opportunity to propose to her and give her a ring. While it may seem like a cliché, trust us that no woman will remain indifferent to this romantic move on this very day and will hardly wait to share it with everyone. On our site you can find tips on how to choose the ideal engagement ring.

Tips for measuring the size of a ring:

  • It is best to measure the size of the ring at a jeweler with an official tool
  • Avoid measuring with thread or paper because it can twist or lengthen the material and this measurement is often inaccurate
  • Avoid measuring with a ruler, caliper or by mapping an existing ring to determine the size of the ring
  • Measure on the hand on which you will wear the ring as very often the size of the same finger on the left and right hand is different
  • Try different ring sizes several times to make sure you choose the right one size
  • Do not measure your finger while it is cold or your hands are cold. When the fingers are cold the measured size will be smaller than when the temperature is normal
  • Do not measure the finger if you have done some heavy physical work, been in the gym, eaten very salty food or feel hot because your fingers will be bigger and wider than are normal
  • Measure your finger size when you feel normal temperatures
  • Don’t measure your finger if they are swollen. The best time to measure your finger size is in the evening when your fingers are biggest
  • When you measure your finger size, your ring should fit snugly on your finger
  • Ring on your finger it should fit so that it does not fall off the finger over the article, and on the other hand it should be such that it is slightly crossed over the article when it is removed
  • The formula for determining the ring size according to the Italian scale is: the size of the ring circumference minus number 40.
  • The ring size according to the metric system of measurement (France, Europe) is equal to the ring circumference rounded to 0.5 mm.

How much is the marriage proposal

There are many cheap proposal rings on the market? Their prices range from rings of several million dollars to rings up to hundreds, tens of millions dollars or more so you should balance between your finances as well as products and you should choose for yourself.

The cost of buying a ring is too much for my personal income to do. It is not advisable because when we buy the ring, we have to prepare for a long journey with the wedding so we can choose purchasing power for the best and most suitable rings.

Where to buy cheap proposal ring?

Buying rings and using rings, you can freely use and choose for yourself ring patterns at gold shops across the country. You can choose for yourself the brand stores even in the provinces, but they have associated with 30 years of brands in the gold jewelry industry that are the benefits as well as the products that your party needs.

A Penny Slots is a place where gambling takes place. Casinos are found in and around hotels, resorts, malls, ships and other tourist zones. Even online casino exists nowadays. Casino hosts a variety of recreational activities and live events such as sports, comedy and other places. There are many casinos around the world. For selecting a suitable casino, one can check for Online Casino Reviews.

Origin and its history:

  • The word “Casino” is derived from an Italian word meaning villa, summerhouse, or club.
  • Though the word “casino” has an origin or a root word the exact history of gambling is not known.
  • The concept of playing for money existed from ancient Greeks, Romans to napoleon in France, and Queen Elizabeth in England.

Casino and gambling:

The minimum age limit for casinos in the world is from 18 to a maximum of 21. Gambling involves playing games. It requires skills such as video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, etc. The games usually have mathematically defined or decided odds so that the house always has an advantage for the players. In few games, like poker where the players are playing against other players, the house taking the commission. Major casino markets in the world are the US, Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada, and Latin America. A very famous place know for Casino is Monte Carlo Casino located in Monaco. Security in the casinos is very important since a huge amount of money is handled. To prevent any cheating or stealing, people are appointed to monitor the activities of the players inside the casino. Security camera plays an important role in tackling this issue. Many cameras are placed throughout the place as a basic measure. So generally, the security is divided between the surveillance department and physical securities.

By closely working together, these two departments have successfully able to tackle any frauds or suspicious activities inside the casino. Few casinos having the catwalks in the ceiling through the one-way mirror which allows the security personnel to walk above the play area and monitor the activities. Mirage was initiated in 1989 which is the first land-based casino operate with cameras on the game tables. The casinos are linked to organized crime at many places according to police. Casino involves smoking and drinking which has led to cancer even for passive smokers due to the closed environment. Disease like MSI- Musculoskeletal injury is also caused due to playing table games for long hours. Owing to technology growth, online casinos are now famous. It is simply an online version of traditional casinos by playing the same games. Online casinos are categorized into two. They are web-based and only download casinos. The web-based casino is the one where the players play games without downloading the software on their computers. They use plugins to host the sites. But unfortunately, the IOS platform does not support web-based casinos.  Download-based online casinos require the download of the host software on your computer to play games. This software after download links to the server and offer gaming services. Generally, download-based online casinos respond faster and remain more interactive than web-based casinos. The above are a few points for both online and traditional casinos.