To win a game of Slingo, you will have to accumulate as much as points you possibly can by spinning the slot, and you will be awarded extra points after each spin if you land on the symbol which is present on the Slingo card on almost every number.

If you mark off a number on the ticket, then you will be awarded points and so on the points system works in a different manner under different things. If your reel land on a number with the symbol it will have more points that just a number reel.

So it is important that everyone knows about how pointing system works in Slingo games ticket.

How does pointing system work

These are the methods by which a player can earn point by playing Slingo games.

Points earned from Slingo CD ROM to Slingo deluxe

  • If you mark a number on the Slingo ticket (200 points).
  • If you have covered 5 number is the Slingo ticket either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. (1000 points)
  • If you land on a gold coin symbol reel (1000 points)
  • If you have successfully landed on three, four or five times on a joker (super joker also counts) then ( 3 times = 1000 points, four times = 2500 points, five times = 10,000 points) This part of bonus point does not exist till millennium version.
  • Clearing an entire card which will award you with points for a number of spins done.
  1. 0 spins 16,000 points ( it is impossible to win Slingo without even five spins if you have increasing freeze spin).
  2. One spin 15,0000 points.
  1. Spins 2 – 15,000 Points.
  2. Spins 3 – 14,500 Points.
  3. Spins 4 – 14,000 Points.
  4. Spins 5 – 13,500 Points.
  5. Spins 6 – 13,000 Points.
  6. Spins 7 – 12,500 Points.
  7. Spins 8 – 12,000 Points.
  8. Spins 9 – 11,500 Points.
  9. Spins 10 – 11,000 Points.
  10. Spins 11 – 10,500 Points.
  11. Spins 12 – 10,000 Points.
  12. Spins 13 – 9,500 Points.
  13. Spins 14 – 9,000 Points.
  14. Spins 15 – 8,500 Points.
  15. Spins 16 – 8,000 Points.
  16. Spins 17 – 7,500 Points.
  17. Spins 18 – 7,000 Points.
  18. Spins 19 – 6,500 Points.
  19. Spins 20 – 6,000 Points.

Points are deducted for

  • If one of the reels lands on the devil symbol, then points are reduced in half.
  • Paying for the last four spins.
  1. Spin 17 – 500 points.
  2. Spin 18 – 1000 points.
  3. Spin 19 – 1500 points.

Spin 20 – 2000 points. 

Millennium version of Slingo games was released on September 2009, and many changes were made to the old game so as to make the game fun to play.

First Slingo was played as a single-player game now it is online and played all over the world, so it’s a multiplayer online based game.

I hope you get the information you are looking for in this article.

Roulette is the part of casino gaming and the term which is used for roulette is a little wheel. In the game, the player needs to bet over a single number that is present in the wheel. In the selection, there is a choice whether they can choose a single number or group of numbers. Now if we talk about the little wheel then it is colored with red and black color in which red defines the odd numbers while blacks define the even numbers. Other than this, there is a category in which the player needs to select the number from high or low.

For the declaration of the result, the croupier spins the wheel in a single direction, while spinning the wheel in one direction he throws the ball in the opposite direction on the circular track which resides on the outer layer of the spinning wheel. During the whole procedure, the ball loses its momentum and stops over a number which is declared as a result. After winning the contest, the players will be rewarded with their respective winning amount in the form of money.


There are some of the rules and regulations that every player needs to mention while playing this game. Here we have mentioned some of them. Basically, there are two choices for the player whether he can bet over a single number or he can bet over a range in which the number resides. The player who decides to move within the range has to select the color and have to select whether the number is odd or even. In the whole procedure, there are some of the players who use the concept of probability which helps them to guess the correct range.

The main motive of these rules is to separate the players and divide them into two major groups in which the players of inside selection play over different platforms and the players who select to play over the outside numbers have to play over different platforms. In some of the casinos, they use different tables for those players who decide to play over the inside numbers and the players who decide to play over the outside numbers. Once the player selects the color or number, the dealer places a mark over the number which is known as a dolly and this is something used by most of the casinos in different methods. The user can also play them through online slots.


With the final words, we conclude that here we have discussed some of the information which is related to roulette. Some of the major parts that are included by us in this article are related to the history and the rules and regulations that are followed by the casinos in order to make this game more refined. Moreover, the information mentioned by us will help you to understand the rules and regulations in a better way, and even in some of the researches, it is found that players who have prior knowledge about the rules and regulations have higher chances to win the contest.

The industry of online casino sites is increasing at a fast pace. The benefits from the playing of casino games at the online platform are increasing. The adaptation of the right approach should be there to win more at the online casino site. The use of the right skills and intelligence is there to improve the playing experience at the site. The winning chances at the platform are increased with the playing.

With a visit to the gambling site, all the correct and genuine information is provided to the players. The registration at the site is made when the information about the rules and laws is available. The effects and graphics on the platform are great to meet with the specifications. The bank balance of the people is increased with real money with the implementation of the right approach.

How to win at the gambling site with the right strategy?

The following are the strategies that can be implemented at the platform. It will result in the success and profits of the players and gamblers.

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  1. Play the games within the budget prepared – For the playing of online casino games, there is the preparation of the budget. The spending of the money is from the budget prepared through the players. The winning chances at the platform are increased at the right regulated platform. The information about the slot games should be available with the players. The investment is made with the skills and intelligence of the gamblers.
  1. Follow the strategy to get the desired results – For the playing of casino games, the following of the strategy will deliver the right results. The preparation of the approach is great to have the benefits. The earning of money at the platform is great to increase the bank balance. The management of money and funds is great to meet with the playing requirements.
  1. Stay focused at the online gambling site – For increasing the winning chances, the players should stay focused on the platform. The benefit of the gamblers is increased when complete concentration is there. The benefits at the site are more for the increased engagement of the players. The spending of money is great to have fun and entertainment on the platform. The checking of the requirements is there to have more bank balance. Visit to know more

The bottom line –

Through the understanding of the terms and conditions, the benefits are delivered to the players. It will deliver success and benefits at an online gambling site.

If you really love to play on online casinos then you should assume that online casinos are incomparable with the whole experience of a land-based casino. There are so many online casinos are available but situs judi online The casino is trending right now because this increases the overall experience of customers in terms of interface, user-friendliness, and providing a range of games. There are various aspects that simply cannot be matched online.

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  1. Wide range of games

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  1. Enjoy the bonuses

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With the pandemic affecting the whole world, we can’t think of going to a casino. But, if you want to have the same fun as the real casino, why not check a few casino games online?

Numerous casino games are available, and websites like MPO Gaming are offering the best games at the most affordable fee. So, don’t get bored at home. Why not make some money and have fun by visiting these websites to play online casino games.

Safety is one of the most important factors that you can’t miss to ignore if you are playing an online casino game. When you are playing an online casino game, your money is at stake, and thus, you should pay attention to different factors when playing an online casino game.

We have been in this business for a long time, and thus, we know how players can play casino games safely. So go through this article if you want to win all hands but lose nothing.

Many people opine that the online modes of casinos are not as safe as you are always the target of hackers and spammers. It is very important to play online casino games as responsibly as you can.

So, go through this checklist to be sure that you are safe while playing an online casino game:

Antivirus software

If you are using your digital devices like mobile, laptop, or desktop to play online casino games, it is important to install antivirus software and have a firewall at a place to stay away from all kinds of viruses and trojans.

Don’t click

Most people have a habit of clicking everything they see. An online casino game won’t send you any message or mail asking you to fill up your password. Thus, it is important to stay away from all these traps. Make sure that the email is received from a safe source, and if you are not sure about the source, it’s better to not click it. In addition to this, don’t click any mail in your spam folder. This can be another trick to get in your system.

Keep information secure

It is very important to keep your password and privacy protection as safe as you can. Never keep your birthdate or name as your password, as it can be easily hacked by a hacker. Thus, try to make sure that your system is safe and secure, and your account can’t be accessed by anyone else.

Trusted online casinos

It is also important to choose a casino that is trusted. Always go for a renowned name when it comes to online casinos. Casinos like offer the safest and secure method of casino gambling. Platforms like this make sure that the customers don’t get attacked by hackers or spammers. Thus, get a detailed review of the platform before spending your money in gambling.

We hope this list of safety measures will help you in playing casino games safely. Let us know if you need additional safety features.