An Ethernet is a vast collection of LAN networks. This Ethernet is very cost-effective and hence along with they provide you with better and most efficient results too.

The Ethernets are usually available in three different variants named as fast Ethernet, 10 base T-Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet. These are three very popular types of Ethernet available and hence can be operated at a large scale at very affordable prices.

The major difference between the fast Ethernet type and the gigabit Ethernet type is due to their speed. The speed of these two types of Ethernets is very different. The fast Ethernet can provide you with the faster speed of the 100 Mbps super high speed of the data transmission. Whereas, the gigabit Ethernet tends to provide a high data transmission speed of 1 Gbps. You can choose either of them according to your requirements and choices which suit best to your financial budget as well.

What Exactly Is Fast Ethernet And How It Works?

The fast Ethernet type was made in the consideration and name of the 802u which maintains the LAN protocol. This type of Ethernet is constructed on the concept of 10 base T Ethernet.  This type of Ethernet gained a lot of popularity as it was super easy to use and work with As a result, it is easy to maintain as well. It provides excellent data speed transmission of around 100 MBPS.

What Exactly Is Gigabit Ethernet And How It Works?

Just like fast Ethernet, the gigabit Ethernet is solely designed to provide higher data transmission speed. It tends to offer a high data transmission speed of around 1 GBPS.  The main motive behind developing this type of Ethernet technology is to improve the existing equipment.  This technology is built at the transmission protocols like CSMA/CD.

With the help of these key differences, you can easily choose the best types of Ethernet for your needs and requirements. Though the difference in the speeds of the two Ethernets is highly considerate.


The above mentioned are the major differences between the fast Ethernet and the gigabit Ethernet.  Though both the types of Ethernet technologies tend to provide high speed of the data transmission and hence with very quality. Also, the gigabit Ethernet tends to offer higher cabling technology, mac layer, flow control protocols, and better quality of service. You can opt for any of them depending on your requirements.


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