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Choosing the location of your next beautiful home, looking for a serviced residence in Singapore that meets your demands, and sourcing different properties because you want to find ‘the one’ is challenging. People usually have difficulties deciding because of their limited knowledge of living and real estate. Another is when they are too preoccupied with the options in front of them.

You need not worry about this because we will explore some situations of clients looking for homes, and our answer because the goal is to help everyone find the home of their dreams.


Having an unclear life should not hinder you from getting the property of your dreams. For example, your relocation journey is not set in stone because your work contract is temporary or your family is not keen on settling in that particular area. No worries, because the answer is to rent an apartment in Singapore with flexible plans, such as allowing you to terminate the contract if you wish to leave suddenly or extend it because you want to reside for a few more weeks or months.


Easy, because that is what serviced residences are for! They offer short and long-term rentals and have complete amenities in their rooms, such as a fully-equipped kitchen and living space that most hotels do not have. Also, it is easy to find a service apartment in Singapore at the right price because there are budget options for thrifty souls and luxury ones for discerning clientele.


Ah, another easy situation is that you should consider an apartment for rent in Singapore, such as a full-fledged rental property or a serviced one that you can rent for a short duration and extend for a longer time. Why? You need the complete amenities that make running a household easier and the space your children need to play around or have fun. (Tip: Make wise decisions because it is a family we are talking about, not a solo individual who can instantly move out when things go wrong.)


Being unsure of the location should not be an issue when staying in Orchard and getting a serviced apartment, moving out because you wish to try another area, and exploring different places in Singapore. In short, you can take advantage of the short-term contract durations because that is what serviced properties are for: They offer this to tourists or vacationers who wish to experience the full amenities for a few days or a week or long-term individuals looking for a residence. However, take note of the terms & conditions because you would not want to pay hefty fees.

Now that we have explored different client situations and what people should do, visit the website of Great World Serviced Apartments, and explore their property offerings that might appeal to your living preferences.

There are so many reasons why you could choose to live in or visit Mexico. With its warm weather all year long as well as beautiful natural scenery and landscape, the country almost feels like paradise.

 Even the cost of living is pretty affordable compared to its North American neighbors. And despite all the talk about drug wars and crimes related to such, large numbers of people continue to choose Mexico as the place to live, retire, or own a vacation home. And most that have made this decision are enjoying every bit of living in this great country.

If you do choose Mexico, then you want to opt for maximum comfort, and if you want the best then you will have to pull out the checkbook. Great housing does not come cheap, and if you want the best of the best, then you will have to go to the most expensive regions. These are the five most expensive places to buy property in Mexico.

  1. Jalisco

If you’ve ever sat through the amazing piece of artistry that is a Canelo Alvarez ring introduction, then you must have heard of a place called Guadalajara, Jalisco. Guadalajara is the second biggest city in Mexico and it is situated in the state of Jalisco. Jalisco is a fairly popular state and it is located in the Northwest region of Mexico. It is probably most famous for being the birthplace and home of tequila. If you want a place with beautiful beaches, then Jalisco will introduce you to places like Puerto Vallarta.

  1. State of Mexico

The State of Mexico isn’t the biggest in the country, but that does not reduce its importance. It plays a major role in the central region of Mexico, and together with the Mexican capital, it serves as the main economic powerhouse of the country. Look out for a huge population as well as some pretty magnificent houses.

  1. Morelos

Morelos is a state with quite a fascinating history. The beautiful colonial-period architecture combined with its vibrant culture, make the state fully enthralling to its residents. There is a wide range of attractions that you can visit in the city, and that might even be one of the factors for why it is so expensive to buy property here. Anyway, it is a lovely place to visit, and even better to live in.

  1. Queretaro

This is a state that has a lot to offer to its residents. The cost of living is pretty high, but so are the facilities and the opportunities available. The climate is beautiful throughout the year, and this is as safe as it gets in Mexico. It is a very clean city with a good population for its size. There are many amenities that residents can enjoy, as well as shops and restaurants.

  1. Mexico city

 This is the capital of Mexico and it is the most populous city in the whole of North America. Mexico City is established as one of the biggest and most important economic and cultural centers in the world. The city has plenty to offer, and it is possibly the best place to live if you want to be fully immersed in the Mexican culture. There are amazing restaurants, shops, and many attractions, although the cost of living and housing is pretty high.