December 2022


Cremation cost for departed loved ones varies depending on a number of variables, such as the cremation provider, the site of the cremation, and the amenities the family chooses to add. For a direct cremation, the cremation itself plus the amenities you choose to include with it can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to as much as ten thousand. Although the cremation itself is quite simple, there are a lot of other considerations and services that should be made. These can all significantly raise the cost of the cremation.

The options are actually endless, yet many individuals decide to keep their departed loved ones nearby in an urn. It is possible to convert your loved one’s cremated remains into a legacy in themselves, whether you disperse their ashes in a meaningful location or turn them into a one-of-a-kind work of art. A classic urn is unquestionably a dependable and considerate decision, but it might not be the best option for you. You can design a customized send-off for your loved one by thinking about what made them exceptional. Read on for a list of inspirational things to do with cremation ashes. Use this list as a jumping off point to figure out what makes you and your family happy.

Memorial Reefs

The act of returning a loved one’s remains to nature and the source of life brings about a tremendous sense of closure and fresh beginnings. For those looking for unusual, environmentally conscious memorials, underwater inurnment in memorial reefs is an option. By combining the urn, ash dispersion, and burial at sea, this ritual creates a lasting and meaningful environmental memorial to a person’s life.


Cremation jewelry is a memento that makes it possible to share your loved one’s remains with others and fosters a sense of intimacy with the one you have lost. The jewelry can be a diamond stone produced from the ashes or a little vial containing some of the remains that is used as a necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet, or ring. In order to accompany and keep the memory, the family frequently engraves dates or a special statement from the deceased loved one on the jewelry.

Eco Friendly

Grow a tree in memory of your loved one with cremains. Online retailers offer kits that include a tree appropriate for your growth area. As an alternative to a cemetery, you might choose to have their cremated remains buried in a memorial forest, which is a viable and environmentally friendly option. Most funeral homes provide biodegradable urn options, which provide an even more environmentally responsible choice for cremated remains. You can personalize water burial urns for your loved one’s ideal serene funeral.


Take the more conventional path and place a cremation urn on display in your home. Remember that conventional doesn’t have to be uninteresting! Choose from glass, metal, or wooden urns; you may even create a unique urn! Did you know that burial plots in cemeteries can be purchased? It’s a smart idea to get a funeral urn made for interment if you think you could be interested in that option. Are you seeking for cremation urns that are reasonably priced? There are no legal restrictions on what can be used as an urn, therefore it can be any straightforward container like a vase, piece of pottery, or jewelry box. The creator of Pringles even asked to have some of his remains interred in a Pringles can! Mini urns are the ideal option when cremated remains need to be divided among several family members.


PVC flooring is a material that is used for the flooring of many homes. PVC flooring can be made from two types of materials, which are PVC-U and PVC-C. These materials are the same but have different properties, so it is important to know what each one is and how it differs from other types of PVC flooring.

PVC-U flooring  or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is a type of plastic that has been known since the 1960s when it was first used in plumbing pipes and fittings. It is a thin film that comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which makes it appealing to homeowners who want to match their floors with their furniture or decorations. Because this plastic has so many uses, it has become popular among homeowners who want to make their homes look more beautiful while saving money on maintenance costs over time.

PVC-C or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is another kind of PVC that can be found at most hardware stores today if you are looking for a cheap alternative to PEX tubing for your plumbing needs. This type of material is also used in plumbing fittings but does not have as many uses as its higher-quality counterpart.

Get to know about the advantages of PVC flooring!

PVC flooring is a kind of flooring material that is widely used in the market. It is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a plastic material. It has high chemical resistance, good insulation properties, and outstanding flexibility. PVC flooring is the most common material used for a variety of applications. It is easy to install, versatile and affordable. PVC flooring can be used as an alternative to wood and vinyl as well as being an excellent choice for indoor applications like kitchens and bathrooms. The advantages of PVC flooring are given below:

  1. High strength and toughness: The PVC flooring can withstand heavy loads and high temperatures with little damage because it has high mechanical strength and low density. The chemical resistance of PVC flooring is better than other materials such as ceramic or concrete;
  2. Good moisture absorption performance: The thickness of PVC flooring ranges from 0.5mm to 2mm, so it can absorb water quickly and release it slowly;
  3. Excellent anti-slip performance: When installed on floors with different degrees of slip resistance, PVC flooring provides excellent anti-slip performance;
  4. Excellent fire resistance: Since PVC is a natural plastic material, it does not produce any toxic gas during combustion;
  5. Low cost: The raw materials used to make PVC are cheap, but its production cost is higher than other materials because more complicated equipment is needed for processing.

Why PVC is also known as polyvinyl chloride?

PVC is also known as polyvinyl chloride and it has been used by many manufacturers for years now. The material can be found in many different shapes and sizes, but one of its main advantages is that it can be easily installed on almost any surface. In addition, this material does not need any maintenance, which makes it a perfect choice for those who want their homes to look beautiful at all times.

Will a wedding photographer travel to a venue for my big day?

When considering choosing a wedding photographer, it is always worth factoring in where you are getting married. Is that somewhere your wedding photographer can travel too?

Most wedding photographers tend to be companies or individuals who are based in a certain location, when you contact a wedding photographer if you are planning on getting married in the Outer hebrides and that photographer is based in Kent, it may be pushing your luck when it comes to reasonable travel arrangements.

For example a potential customer contacted me recently asking if i would be willing to travel to Middlesbrough in the north east of England, as a business I am based in the West Midlands. In fairness ordinarily I would not cover that area, but there is that old saying ‘Never say never’

I factored in the mileage and based on the package the potential customer chose, this made it a viable option to take a job outside of my usual catchment area.

If you contact a wedding photographer, always ask what areas do you currently cover?

Is there an extra charge for the photographer to travel to this venue/location?

Just a tip: Some people may charge per mile, but this is quite rare in my opinion, and can also be an expensive way of costing the travel.

You will often find that many photographers are reasonable and may sometimes include any travel within the price. However don’t also be alarmed if they do charge extra for petrol especially if the Wedding is being held at a location that they do not normally cover.

If you are thinking of getting married and would like any advice, please feel free to get in touch at Adept Imagery we have many years of experience of Wedding Photography and have covered hundreds of weddings, always happy to have a chat and If I can travel will do my best to give you a fair and reasonable price, even if it is out of my catchment area.