Every human holds some passion or hobby to cherish his internal fascination through some sort of activity. Some people may be attracted to watch movies; some humans are interested to know the world new and some people are interested in cricket and intend to watch all sorts of cricket matches and games.  To fulfill the strong desires to wards cricket matches, some innovative ideas have been explored by creators of websites. Here the candidates can play games on cricket by registering their names. Fantasy cricket play is one kind of online game with cricket. Here, candidates can select players from original match and can gain score as per performances of real players.

What is fantasy cricket?

In this way, the cricket lovers can watch the real cricket match as well as play game on creating team with real cricket players. After registering in the applicable website like Playerzpot, the players can win real cash by fantasy cricket play online. The participants may win exciting prizes depending on the score as per the match by real players. In this way, as long as the cricket match is on like IPL, the participants will win exciting prizes or real cash depending on the performances of real players of the team made by participants. So, cricket lovers may be interested to win real cash or exciting prizes every day. So, people can judge their knowledge on cricket play.

How to play online

The cricket lovers have to select website for fantasy cricket play. The candidates have to select websites which are safe and secured. There are many fake websites offering fantasy cricket, may be fake. These websites will collect all vital information from the candidates and will close down the deal. People have to be very careful about selection of website, so that players are not cheated. Playerzpot is safe, secured for fantasy cricket play and offers many exciting gifts and real cash. But, if people get registered with fake websites, there are no chances to win prizes or real cash.

Rules of formation of team

It is obvious that fantasy cricket play is part of fantasy sports genre. Here, online game is played by candidates when virtual cricket team is created by real players. The points of the team are scored depending on the real match performances. The team can win, if the real players can perform well. The scores of two teams are compared and accordingly, prizes are offered. There are apps for fantasy cricket play to win real cash. It is really exciting to play online game with help of creation of virtual team .As pr fantasy cricket, players can create team with pool of 25 or 30 real cricket players. Now, the calculation of scores is based on the runs, catches, wickets of the real match. As the match starts, the points are calculated base on the run, wickets and catches of individual players of team.

Is it legal?

The question is whether fantasy cricket play is legal or not. The game is purely based on skill of players. So, it does not fall under category of gambling. So, the game is 100% legal in India. So, interested persons can download the best fantasy cricket app and can start playing the game. There are multiple reasons why cricket fans should play fantasy cricket. The dream of playing cricket by fans can be partially fulfilled by creating team by real field players. The concept of fantasy cricket is not very old. It is really fascinating to create virtual cricket team and to play fantasy cricket online to cherish the game. In this way, cricket fans can feel some sort of satisfaction by assessing knowledge of cricket fans.

Why people should use the game 

The fantasy cricket play is the skill based program in online. Here , the game consists of virtual team comprising of 11 real players. The attraction of the game lies in the excellence of performances of real players on day to day basis. The rewards are offered by the websites to the users in form of gifts or real cash. The users can assess their intelligence or knowledge on existing cricket players in real life.  Further, people should use this game to fill their mental fantasy on cricket. The persons may be engaged with their emotions of cricket through the fantasy cricket. When the users receive any gift , the excitement on the game increases and the urge on the game is enhanced.

Daily win for League

The cricket craze is enhanced throughout the world and recently the implementation of the game has come into picture. The websites are created and the implantation of fantasy cricket play has come into picture. As soon as the offer of exciting gifts or real cash is known to cricket lovers, they are jumping on the game. In this way, this play has become popular worldwide. The cricket fans learn the game by watching related videos. They can accept the tips how to play and how to extract money from the website. By applying cricket knowledge and skills of players in real life, the users can use fantasy cricket play.


During IPL, people can use this game daily on this fantastic game platform. There are two types of league like prediction cricket league and customized league. Daily, the users can fill up their mental fantasy on cricket. Humans can move to any extent for their hobbies to be fulfilled. So, cricket fantasy can be cherished with this game. During real league, users can play this game on daily basis and can win exciting prizes. The concept may be new but craze towards the game is huge. People are utilizing the game as weapon of fulfilling the urge towards cricket play. Mental satisfaction can be achieved by playing the game. The website and game have been designed to relieve emotions of users. Really, this is fantastic idea in new world of cricket craze. People are amazed by this game.

As we all know the scope and the importance of the interest in our life have increased to the next level. Whether it comes to office work or school projects or any other research stuff it could not be done without the use of the internet. Now even for entertainment, we are dependent on the internet so much. We are more involved in online games. However, these games do not provide entertainment only but also can become a source of income. For example, some games provide a chance to win money, the winning amount can be small or large that depends on the game. We as the young generation are more interested in such kind of games where we can not only enjoy it but also can make money while enjoying. These games are either played online or on websites. The fantasy IPL league is one of the examples of such games. You can play fantasy IPL online and win real money. In this game, a player can make his team in a fantasy IPL league based on real cricket statistics. As it is an online game it is played with the help of the internet.

IPL stands for the Indian Premier League. It is a famous league in India. Everyone keeps an interest in this league whether its boys or girls. Sometimes we feel like being a part of this game. Technology has made it possible also, we can join IPL online through fantasy IPL. We can join this game and make our team by selecting players on the real game basis.

To join a game it is very obvious to register yourself for the game, just like that, you also need to register for it, if you want to be a part of this league.

Following are the steps to be followed to get yourself registered for this league:

  • First of all, you will have to sign up on an app for a fantasy IPL game. There are many apps available online to join this game, you can search on web best IPL earning app to find the best app for this game. For registration, you will have to provide your details like your full name, age, address, qualification, date of birth, etc. After signing up you can select players and make your team. Players shall be selected on real IPL statistics.
  • You can join any game in IPL like cricket, football, basketball, etc. You will have to select players and make your team as per the required team pattern. For example, if you are joining cricket IPL, you will have to make your team as required to play cricket. That means you will be required to select one wicketkeeper, five batsmen, three bowlers, two all-rounders, and also three extra players to cover the risk of if any player fails to take part in the game.
  • After making the team, you can join the different leagues by paying an entry fee. The entry fee paid by every team owner shall be pooled together and declared as the winning prize amount. This way you can win a big amount of money by paying a small amount of money as an entry fee.
  • For every selected player, you will have to pay the price of the player. The price shall depend on the value of the player. In simple words, the higher the value of the player means the higher the price of the player. You can also further resell the player at a higher price.
  • The highest scores making team shall win the league.

All the points mentioned above, show the steps of fantasy IPL.

There are many benefits to play this game.

Following are the benefits to play this game:

  • The major benefit of playing this game is, you can earn real money while playing this game. Nowadays people are more interested in playing games rather than doing work and making money. This is the best way for such people to earn money. You can make proper utilization of your time and resources to make money.
  • You can make use of your knowledge of the real game as this game is based on real statistics. If you know about real-life IPL then this is the best opportunity for you to make use of your knowledge for earning money.
  • To be a part of the game, you will have to pay a small amount of money as an entry fee. Entry fee paid by all team owners shall be pooled together and be declared as the winning prize amount. This can be the best opportunity to earn a big amount of money by only paying a small entry fee.
  • It is an online game. You can make online friends on this game and join matches with them and fix the winning prize amount. You can play friendly matches with your online game friends.
  • It will also improve your decision making and trading skills. As you will have to focus on the player and to decide which player to buy and which one not to buy. You will have to make this decision based on the past performances of the players. The better the player the more the price of the player shall be. After buying the player you can further trade them at higher prices.
  • It will also improve your planning making. As you will have to make to both short term and long term plans in the game. You will have to make plans about which player to hold on the short term and which player to hold in the long term.

Games like this are the best examples of an interesting way of earning money. Being a game it provides you entertainment but not only entertainment also a way of making real money. If you are interested in sports and keep knowledge of sports and leagues, you can use that knowledge in earning money. This game also proves the benefits of the internet, it has made many things easy and possible.