If you are a student who aspires to perform well in the board exams, then you will realise the significance of having the right resources to prepare for the final exams. From state boards to CBSE or ICSE / ISC all have their prescribed and additional go-to resources. Let us see how you can prepare most effectively for the board exams, be it for the Classes 10 or 12. 

All of you from Classes 1 to 12, should be well-versed with the syllabus from the beginning of the academic year itself so that you can prepare accordingly for the upcoming classes as well as the final exams. You will see that CBSE notes have a special place in preparing for the board exams. After being thorough with the textbooks, notes are the perfect go-to resource for revising the entire concepts covered chapter wise. 

Preparing for CBSE Board Exams 

In this article, we have listed down the tips for you to follow, while preparing for the board exams: 

  • If you have referred to your exam date sheet and know your syllabus, you can plan your studies, accordingly
  • Check out the latest marking scheme and the types of questions repeated in the board exams 
  • Allot the required time for self-study by preparing a practical study timetable 
  • Start by learning all the concepts and exercises thoroughly from your ncert textbooks for the respective subjects 
  • After the textbooks, you can refer to the notes to revise the subject well 
  • Now, you might know that exam preparation is never complete without doing mock tests or solving the previous year papers 
  • Learn proper time management and focus on all subjects as required with more emphasis on topics that require more attention 
  • Have a proper strategy in place to learn the long answers for the board exams 
  • You can make a note of formulae, theorems and revise them regularly and practise the questions based on them
  • Take regular breaks and do not overstress about the board exams 
  • Make sure that the answers written are accurate and is as required in accordance with the marks’ allotment for the section of question paper 
  • Solutions are another excellent resource for you to refer while preparing for the final exams 

If you follow all these preparation tips mentioned in this article, you are sure to write your CBSE Board Exams most appropriately, thus scoring optimum marks for the exams. Apart from all these suggestions, the students of Class 10 and 12 are advised to solve CBSE Sample Papers while studying for the board exams. We also suggest all of you to clear all the doubts about the entire concepts and revise the essential terms and facts properly. Try to learn the long answers in points.

For some quick revision apart from the notes and solutions, the question bank also comes in handy. We all know that board exams are very crucial in your student lives. Gaining the perfect score in board exams will help you to take up your favourite course for your higher classes and thus proceed to your dream career.



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