Rapping into walls, shimmying up roofs, and ripping right into your favored foods, these uninvited house guests are a point to be feared!Rats, as well as mice, are a few of the most typical sorts of rodents located in residences:

  • Rats have four legs beasts that are commonly rather large, often determining over 8 inches in size. Blunt sounds and bare, long, tails are some of the most identifiable elements of their appearance.
  • Mice are smaller sized than their old relatives and have a smaller size, tip noses to boot. The tails of mice have a tiny layer of hair, and it can get the same shade as their white, black, grey, or tawny fur.


While both types have physical distinctions, the damages they trigger are often comparable. Large teeth, as well as claws, make it easy for rodents to tear into the home, and create bed linen for their big nests. Rats often tend to frequent the less mouthwatering areas of the residence, accumulating grime, and various pressures of the virus. These microorganisms are after that spread out through water beads in their contaminated foods, excrement, or carrion. Also, the important things rodents leave can make you ill!

Regardless of all the dangerous facts, there is some positive side. Homeowners normally have either a mouse or a rat invasion, as well as hardly ever both. This makes prevention from an expert parasite control standpoint slightly less complicated after identification.

Why Rodents Are So Tough to Eliminate?

Rats are challenging to kick out of houses for many reasons, every of that makes dealing with these vermin is difficult for seasoned property owners. These worries consist of:

  • Respected natures that produce hundreds of sets per year
  • Ability to slip through practically any hole of 1/4 of an inch or larger.
  • Versatile intelligence to catches as well as some baits.

Need to know what sort of rodent you may have scampering around the residence? Arrange a free home evaluation at your earliest convenience, or skip the line as well as get a quote for removal as soon as possible.

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If you have just purchased a new home, condo, or apartment, make sure you have all the items or things that you will need to complete your apartment or home. One of the most important things to invest on is your living space essentials or items. You can make a checklist to be able to remember everything you need to buy so that you will never feel any inconvenience when you forget something. 

Some of the items you need to buy a coffee table, couch or sofa bed, center table, etc. These items don’t just help you when you want to place something near your salad set but also when hosting parties or sleepovers with family and friends. The design that you will be putting up will also reflect your personality and taste in your house.

Always invest in a good TV. A good TV will help you and your family or friends to just relax on a Sunday afternoon to watch Netflix and chill. To feel that you’re in a movie house or cinema, you can install a projector at home as well. 

Next are your bathroom essentials. Some of these items include shower curtain, bath towels, hand towels, toilet paper, soap, shower curtain liner, and shower curtain hooks. You can also put scented candles or freshener in your bathroom to make it smelling good all the time.

The bathroom is one of the most used areas at home and it is crucial to make it pleasant to the eyes of everybody and clean at the same time.

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Why Consider Installing Bathtub Liners on your Bathtub


You must be thinking about why should you choose a reliable carpet installation store and the ways by which you can make the right choice. If you choose an authorized company, it can assure the protection of your house and the amount of money you invest in getting the carpet installed. You would want a carpet store which offers good customer service. Here are some tips to consider if you want to find the best carpet store near you:

  • Pricing

As we all know carpet installation is not a matter of a small amount of money and it can cost you a notable amount of your hard-earned money. Carpet flooring is considered an investment that cannot be made anytime and every time you want to. Hence, the carpet store you choose must have good pricing policies so that the products can fit in your budget. Budget is an important point to consider when you are investing.

  • Collection 

There are more than thousands of colours and designs that can be availed for carpets and flooring which can be very attractive to you. Searching for a reliable hardwood flooring company near, you can offer a wide range of carpets so that you can make a good choice.

  • Reviews 

A very important tip to follow if you want to find the best carpet store to buy carpets for your home is checking the reviews of people who have earlier been then customers of that store. Going through the reviews can undoubtedly help you in knowing more about the carpet store, you are choosing and you also get to know many added things like customer service, quality of products, etc.

  • Installation 

This is another very significant aspect of choosing the best carpet store to buy carpets for your home or office. It is not always necessary that if you pay a higher price, you will get the best services. Many things matter such as the quality of the product, the process of installation, etc.

These are the tips you must consider if you want to find the best carpet store near you. By following each one of these tips, you can surely end up choosing the right carpet store with all the essential features.

Many organizations consider migrating their data from Microsoft Access to MySQL to scale the system and take such valuable benefits of MySQL as open-source, cross platforming, concurrent transactions and many others. Although procedure of MS Access to MySQL migration is relatively simple compared to other DBMS, there are some challenges in the process: 

  1. 3rd party libraries (such as ODBC, DAO) may be required to read MS Access databases
  2. Some types must be mapped into MySQL equivalents properly

3rdParty Libraries

There are multiple ODBC drivers for MS Access and MySQL available on the market. They have different features and performance. If some migration tool required ODBC driver but does not include it in the installation pack, wrong choice of drivers may cause incorrect conversion or generic malfunction of the product. 

DAO libraries are solely provided by Microsoft and therefor problem specified above is not applied to this option. However, migration tool may require different versions of DAO depending on version of MS Access database. Early versions of DAO come with the corresponding MS Office or MS Access installation. However, recent version of the libraries to read MS Access 2010 and higher must be installed separately since Office 365 does include DAO libraries anymore. These libraries may be installed as part of Microsoft Access Runtime or Database Engine. 

Another issue related to DAO installation is bitness. If you have 32-bit Windows and Office, it is required to install 32-bit version of DAO libraries. Otherwise, it must be 64-bit. 

Type Mapping

Although most of MS Access data types have equivalents in MySQL, some of them need to be mapped properly. Boolean type can be converted into tinyint, smallint or int, but not in the same way as ANSI standard. This is because MS Access true (VARIANT_TRUE) value is stored as -1 while ANSI true value is 1. 

MS Access date type can include both date and time parts and so must be mapped into MySQL datetime or timestamp. Hyperlink type is mapped into MySQL TEXT as well as MS Access MEMO. 

There are multiple dedicated tools automating MS Access to MySQL database migration that help to avoid spending time on the bottlenecks listed above. Kye features of such software are:

  • Support for all modern versions of MS Access and MySQL including such forks as MariaDB and Percona and SAAS variations.
  • Direct reading MS Access database and writing to MySQL. It is necessary to avoid possible problems with 3rd party libraries.
  • Migration of all database entries (schema, data, indexes, constraints, queries)
  • Intelligent type mapping with option to customize it on user level

MS Access to MySQL converter provided by Intelligent Converters has all these features. Moreover, it can filter converted data via SELECT-queries, provides option to migrate into MySQL script file (for those cases when MySQL does not allow remote connections) and supports command line to automate database migration process. 

You have to preserve cleanliness and orderliness because you want to be healthy and protected from diseases or germs. The bathroom is one of the most used locations at home, which is why it can easily become one of the house’s least friendly areas in just a couple of days. This is the primary reason why you should make it a top priority to keep it looking and smelling the best.

Some of the proper maintenance you may do involves frequent bathroom cleaning, plumbing testing, ventilation checks, and so on. You should always check damp patches, such as shower trays or baths, whether there is inadequate ventilation or leaking plumbing fixtures in your bathroom.

If you have no idea how to repair your plumbing problems in your bathroom at home, you can always ask an expert or seasoned plumber for professional advice. The grout and sealant are the next thing to verify or inspect.

In order to reduce moisture from being trapped between the tiles and ultimately break the wall or adhesive that holds the tiles fixed to each other, the tiled spaces in your bathroom must be grouted every now and they need to be grouted.

As this can lead to mold, you should always check your walls in the bathroom and tiles for any signs of grout. To eradicate the unwanted mould, you will need to use a caulking gun, ceramic tile, and scraping tool if worse gets worse.

You will scrub out the current grout and wipe away any residual debris by doing this. If your tiles are still left inside, the newly purchased grout will not be effective. Once the surface is all right, load your caulking gun with grout and add it to the tiles in between.

To learn how to install tiles on a bathroom floor, check out and read this infographic. And for bathtubs to showers in Orange County, CA, or shower remodel in Orange County, CA, call Duracare Baths.How to Install Tiles on a Bathroom Floor? duracare baths


COVID-19 has made everyone all over the world to stay at home to be protected from the virus. Although the unlock process is going on, it can’t be said whether the work from the home situation will not prevail in the world. As offices are the place where several people assemble. That is why even after everything resumes, it cannot be said that the offices or other heavily crowded places like shopping malls, restaurants, multiplexes, etc. will be resumed subsequently or not. That is why Feng shui is offering great feng shui office setups that you can use on your own. 

The Necessity Of Office Setups At Home 

No matter whether work from home will continue or not, we often or always need to work at home even after the office timing. In that case, having an office like feel helps a lot to work with relief and show productivity at work. Hence, it is always helpful to get setup office only at home comfort. 

But it is always a great difficulty to get the right tips to do so. In that case, feng shui office ( วง จุ้ย ห้อง ทำงาน, which is the term in Thai) setup ideas have become a great option. For individuals who want to work comfortably in the office environment, this option emerged as a great strength. Ranging from tips and tricks, you can also get the options to buy the items for office decorations. 

How does the Feng shui office setup guide help? 

Feng shui comes up with amazing office setup ideas to facilitate people. Some of them are: 

  • Tips To Accommodate The Furniture
  • Coloring The Walls
  • Setting Up Lights To Feel Comfortable 
  • Ideas To Place The Laptops And Other Necessary Equipment. 
  • Areas To Set Perfectly According To The Needs. 

In this way, feng shui office setup ideas help a lot to make the office-like feel at home in a shorter period. Usually, it takes a lot of time to set up any interior. This is because often we don’t have any idea about how and what to do to set the premises according to our needs. But this has become simpler with the feng shui. This is because of their perfect ideas and personalized techniques. All you need to do is to explain the style of your home and the area where you want to get the office setup. It is very easy and simple.  

Fire is just one of the awful mishaps that can take place to a house; it does not just damage architectural products as well as house products in a fast as well as irreparable method; however, additionally leads to a variety of supplemental risks, possible water damage due to the fire- battling initiatives, harmful smoke degrees, dangerous soot contamination, and so on. Even if the fire was small and had, its by-products can continue to create damage to the property as well as endanger the well-being of its residents long after the fires have been extinguished.


Stubborn smoke smell is one of the most typical examples of the detrimental repercussions of a fire; it can linger in the home for a very long time, jeopardizing the interior air quality, as well as positioning carcinogens to the passengers of the structure. So, in any unfortunate event the smoke affects your residence, whether from a house fire or because of a close-by wildfire, you require to take every possible step to do away with the smoke scent rapidly as well as effectively.


Smoke Smell Elimination Tips


Getting rid of the smoke smell is fairly a challenge. At the time smoke infiltrates the residence, the little smoke fragments adhere to all home surfaces as well as get embedded into all types of porous materials, such as furniture, carpets, books, fabrics, as well as repaint. Removing them calls for some of effort as well as, specialized equipment for cleaning.


There are a couple of efficient methods that can significantly lower the number of smoke fragments in an afflicted location, yet whether they will suffice to recover the fresh, as well as risk-free living conditions in your home relies on a number of elements:


  • The dimension of the fire: Larger terminates can generate more smoke, so the resulting smoke odor will be more prevalent as well as more intense;

  • Size of direct exposure: The longer a location has been exposed to smoke, the more deep the smoke odor is going to have been embedded inside the household products;

  • Sorts of burnt products: When burned, different products produce different smells. Some are easy to remove, while others are incredibly hard to do away with, such as the scent from shedding artificial or plastic materials, for instance.

Removing up smoke is a dangerous job; it can make or sick or even may kill you; therefore, we suggest to call for a smoke damage restoration company.

Many people head straight to their bathroom after a long and tiring day in hopes to get some relaxation by soaking in a nice warm bath or showering to relieve their nerves. It helps in soothing aching muscles and unwinding from the stresses of an eventful day. 

For many homes, a bathroom is an important place where they can enjoy quiet, solitude and peace of mind. All of which are all possible given that the state of your bathroom fixtures is in their best condition. Otherwise, an unkempt and outdated bathroom might heighten your stress level.

Moreover, the frequent use of such fixtures can lead to wear and tear over time which can prompt the homeowners to remodel their bathroom. However, not everyone can afford a complete renovation, especially with the ongoing crisis due to the pandemic. 

Fortunately, there are alternative materials for a budget-friendly bathroom renovation present in today’s market with a variety of designs and sizes to suit your existing unit. 

Compared to a full bathroom remodel, installing bath fitters is an ideal option for a more affordable renovation. Unlike tearing the drywall and replacing all the fixtures that can take weeks to finish, the process of installing a bath fitter ca only take a day or two. 

Alternatively, you can prefer a bath fitter shower allowing you to enjoy and take advantage of the benefits of bathing and showering. It would cost less than a lengthy bathroom remodel. 

Furthermore, the maintenance and cleaning are more manageable with a bath fitter as it helps prevent chip, crack and even mold compared to conventional bathtubs and showers. 

Another benefit of remodeling the bathroom is increasing the home value. It can improve the marketing of a property and increase its market price. 

With the best materials for your bath fitter, you can guarantee a brilliant design scheme for your bathroom. It can also promote safety and good health for you and your family.

If you want to have a functional and good-looking bathroom for an affordable price, consider installing bath fitters. Click this infographic from DURACARE Baths to learn more. 

Top Reasons Why Consider Installing Bath Fitter infographic

In mosques, Muslims offer prayers and do the worship of Allah. A mosque is a holy place for Muslims and they come to the mosque at least five times a day for namaz. There are many Muslims who come daily and it is very important to provide them the best area where they may easily offer namaz and the carpets provide them. The role of the carpet is as important for the mosque as it is for the home. In fact in mosques, carpets become more useful. The mosque carpets are long carpets that are very beautiful and functional. They are specially manufactured for the mosques and that’s why they are only suitable for the mosques. The interior of the mosque looks extremely adorable and charming with these long and tremendous carpets. Studies show that they keep the air inside the mosque clean from dust particles. The mosque carpet is included in the essential elements of the mosques.


As these carpets are specially manufactured for the mosques, so these carpets are very useful for the mosque and they contain a lot of characteristics which are as follows.

  • Easy to install

Many people have an idea that mosque carpets are difficult to install because they are large and heavy. It is right that these carpets are long but they are not heavy. They are easy to carry and they can be placed in a little time. It will save your installation expenses. You can install them yourself.

  • Comfortable Atmosphere

It is essential to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the Muslims when they come to the masjid. On the hard floor not anyone can easily sit and during namaz he may be disturbed. Mosque carpets allow them to offer namaz without any disturbance. They are very soft and smooth to sit. Anyone can sit comfortably on them for a long time.

  • Beautiful Patterns and Colors

The patterns and designs of mosque carpets are unique and different from ordinary carpets. In the mosque carpets, there are mostly line patterns. The designs having any picture does not print on these carpets. The carpets include simple but beautiful designs. They are available in different shapes and styles which can be fit in any shape of the interior. There are numerous colors in the designs and patterns but the red color is mostly used.

  • Easy to Maintain

No doubt the Muslims come barefoot in the mosque but carpets can get dusty after a month or so. Although the length of these carpets is big they are not difficult to clean. Their maintenance is quite an easy task. You can use a brush for their cleaning and you can vacuum them twice in two months.

  • Long Life

The mosque carpets are available in many materials and the life of each carpet depends on the material. We advise you to prefer wool on other materials. The wool mosque carpets are more durable and strong than others. They keep the cold floor warm.