There is a lot of excitement around the idea of using virtual money like Bitcoin to make bets and play games online. However, most of those services are still in their infancy. If you really want to dive into Bitcoin blackjack and start playing for real money then you need to learn how to play smart. This article is full of bitcoin blackjack tips that will help you improve your game and become a better player.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tips

 There are two types of bitcoin blackjack tips you need to know about before playing. The first tip is to know when to cut your losses and move on to something else. In other words, you should know when it’s time to stop playing and walk away. The second tip is the idea that blackjack is a game of skill rather than chance. This means that by playing smart, you can increase your chances of winning.

The next set of tips focuses on how to play well with a hand consisting of an ace, or “soft” hand – one in which the player has no cards in his or her hand higher than an eight. The best move in this situation is to hit (take another card).

If you get dealt a 10 then it becomes an instant winner. If not, hit again until you do get a 10 or bust out by going over 21; then take your hands down and wait for the next round to start.

And finally, the last set of tips covers how to win with a “hard” hand – one in which the player has at least one card higher than an eight in their hand. With these hands, it’s important to keep track of what cards have been played because many times if you get a certain card dealt, there are other outcomes based on what else has already been dealt.

Stay Healthy

You want to be in tip-top shape before you start playing so that you can avoid any health complications. Find out what your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are like and make sure they’re where they should be. This will help lower your risks of getting sick while playing and will keep you safer while betting with your money.

Don’t Bet The House

The most important Bitcoin blackjack tip is to not bet the ranch with your good hands. You should bet just enough to make sure that you’ll win the game and have some money left over. If you’re feeling confident then put all your chips on the table, but be cautious and only wager a small amount if you’re not as confident in your hand.

Have A Backup Plan

Lastly, one of the most important tips you can follow is to have a backup plan. This means that you should always have more than one Bitcoin wallet. The reason for this is that if your primary wallet becomes inaccessible for some reason, you can still get access to your funds by using a secondary wallet.


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