HONOR’s Watch Magic has great performance and low price. When buying Smart Watch in UK, you can check it on HONOR’s website. Recent offers cost only £69. 99. It is worth buying.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the thickness of the fuselage is only 9.8 mm. In terms of material, 316L cold forged stainless steel arc ring is used. It matched with CNC carved steps, C corners, keys, grooves, character timing technology and manual oil filling and coloring. It looks stable, and the weight of the whole machine is only 32.5 g.

The front of the watchband is made of gravel Italian high-quality natural cowhide HYBRID watchband. The back is made of rubber watchband. It is both fashionable and comfortable.

As a smart watch that focuses on sports and health, HONOR watch will record important data in running mode. Such as heart rate, calories consumed during running and running mileage during running in real time. At the same time, users can set the upper limit of heart rate warning in APP. If this warning is reached, the smart watch will give a warning. It can avoid physical discomfort caused by excessive exercise.

This smart watch adopts the new TruSeenTM3.0 heart rate monitoring technology. It is developed based on CPC technology of CDB Center of Harvard Medical School. CPC technology has passed FDA approval. It is a technology that has been recognized and promoted in the medical field. In addition, HONOR watches can obtain more accurate heart rate data with lower power consumption. It provides sufficient guarantee for HONOR watch to provide real-time heart rate monitoring function for 24 hours a day.

In addition to sports functions, HONOR watches are useful in other functions. The innovative Trusleep scientific sleep detection function is good. It can monitor the sleep quality of users in the whole process. It can give you accurate detection of sleep time and analysis of sleep structure.  It provides users with sleep quality scores. In addition, combined with HUAWEI AI technology, users are assisted to solve six typical sleep problems.  Improvement suggestions are provided to improve sleep quality.

HONOR watches have pressure monitoring function. The current pressure index can be calculated for users. It is through heart rate index to evaluate the pressure index.

HONOR Watch Magic is consistent with the aesthetic of young people. Its 9.8 mm ultra-thin design has great advantages over the heavy fuselage of other similar products. Its £69. 99 activity price is worth it.


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