When people check an auto transport company, their main concern is how much is the shipping cost and how soon it gets picked and delivered. These are genuine questions, but they hardly know how much effort the trucker and his team take to get the cars delivered safely at your new doorstep.

Getting your car transported safely and quickly without any damage is the main concern of the professionals at Ship A Car, Inc. There are a few inches of space on both sides for the drivers to load and unload the vehicles. It needs a lot of patience, precision, and skills. They aim to get customer’s vehicles from one point to another without any scratch. Cars get handled with care and respect.

How auto transport agency loads cars on their trailers?

The car gets loaded onto the trailer in two ways.

Using a hauling ramp

Movers drive or roll your car up the ramp inside the cargo deck. It is then secured tightly using straps and chains for the rest of the journey. It is a cheap car transport option, so you will need to pay less. Ramps also increase the risk of cars sitting low.

The underside can get scrapped while loading across the steep incline of the ramp. Even if the movers use wooden blocks to eliminate the inclines, there is a possibility that the block will shoot up as soon as the vehicle rolls off them causing a damaging bang.

Using Hydraulic lift gates

Hydraulic lifts act like an elevator, which carries the car up and down the cargo deck. They lower totally to the ground, which allows vehicles with low clearance to drive onto it without any concerns about undercarriage scraping. The driver can control the car with ease on the liftgate as there is no need for excessive brake control or aggressively pushing the accelerator.

The car gets parked properly

The transporters also consider the vehicle size along with pickup and delivery order. The arrangement of parking the cars on the cargo decks are made accordingly. The first car that got loaded is not the one that gets delivered first because if it is, then the driver has to load and unload the entire trailer. The golden rule is to load large cars at the top level and average or small vehicles on the lower deck.

How the car gets secured?

After the cars get on board, they get secured tightly to the trailer. Straps are routed across the tire. They never encounter the chassis or frame. The high-strength straps don’t dent or scratch the chassis.

There are holes underneath the car, where chains get attached and pass on the frame and to the trailer. The chains are not too tight or too loose. This avoids frame or chassis bending or other damage.

Choose any kind of shipping method, enclosed or open-ensure to get quotes from 4 to 5 car transport providers. You get an idea of the cost and even a gut feeling of whom to book for your car transport needs.

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