Nowadays, churches are becoming aware of the concept of church software which comes with a myriad of benefits and advantages and text-giving is the new way that allows donors to pay to a non-profit, church, or an organization through text. You might think about safety and security but this is a safe way by which supporters could text a keyword and the amount. 

For churches, this is one of the easiest ways by which you could make people pay for a cause and their monthly church donations too. Church software helps in organizing finance, management, and other aspects. Otherwise, manually this might be a source of mistake and wastage of time too. Here are the top ways by which text-giving is a good option. 

More People Get to Donate

Nowadays, when people visit churches hardly do they carry cash or even cheque. Again, most of them carry their credit card or their debit card. But, when was the last time you have seen a church have a card reader? 

This could often create a barrier among the church and the people who wish to give. Everyone has mobile phones now with which the concept of text-giving is a widespread one. Donors could also opt for recurring payments. This increases the number of people on an average who are donating.   

Everything Happens In an Organised Way

Church software has transformed the way churches are run nowadays, and text-giving is an inexpensive option and donors have the liberty to choose the type of fund they want to donate in. Setting up this donation method is easy and whether a donor wants to donate for the youth or the mission or church maintenance, one could do it specifically.  

With text-giving, usually, the amounts are deposited within a couple of days. Therefore, you always get the payment in a timely manner. This helps the church to be better stewards with money being donated on a timely basis.  

Use Text Giving For More Than Offering

Church software offers churches the chance to create custom registration forms for events. And, with each form comes a unique URL that could be shared on the church website and one could go for text-giving, and donate for their community too. Whether mission trips or summer camps, great opportunities come with text-giving. 

Therefore, these are some of the primary reasons as to why one should be opting for text-giving and how both donor and the church could benefit from it.


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