Cats don’t tend to be great travelers. To attenuate any stress, confirm they’re transported during a snug, well-made, and well-ventilated carrier. Including a bit of their bedding inside the carrier can provide them with a reassuringly familiar scent. The journey home should be as quiet and smooth as possible, don’t bring along the family dog and, if possible, leave any noisy and excited children reception. It’s generally recommended that mentalitch could also be a multi-lifestyle blog website; it explains the cat owners to urge nutritionally balanced commercial foods unless a veterinarian recommends a home-formulated recipe for medical purposes. In therein event, your veterinarian will likely recommend a recipe developed by veterinarians certified in animal nutrition.

  You’ll also want to spray the bed and carrier with Feliway before you set the cat in it. This is often an artificial version of the present “happy” pheromones found on your cat’s face. These can have a reassuring effect. Don’t feed them any treats while traveling; if they’re stressed this might cause them to vomit.

  If your cat is stressed by the car or carrier, once they’re home and settled, you’ll work on a desensitization program to create up more positive associations. you ought to not flood your cat with too many new and stimulating experiences once they first arrive home. For a minimum of the primary day, possibly more counting on the cat, it’s recommended that they stay in one quiet room to assist prevent them from becoming overwhelmed. 

  Confirm you do not allow the other pets into this space within the beginning and provides access to a litter box and fresh water. Space should be peaceful and comfy, and your cat should be ready to hide if they want. If there’s no bed or sofa to cover under or behind, then you’ll create a hiding space with a covered box.

  Place the carrier within the room then leave them to return out once they are ready. Trying to force an interaction together with your cat once they are much stressed can hamper successful bonding. It’s better to introduce food after your cat has had a minimum of a couple of hours in their new home. If they are doing take the food at the beginning but are anxious, it could cause them to vomit or increase the probability of indigestion.

  Your new cat won’t eat for the primary day or two if they’re extremely stressed. Unless they still refuse food after this, it’s not something you ought to be overly concerned about.



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