Talk of delicacies, and you cannot miss out on foie gras. Foie gras is a trendy French gourmet dish, and if you love to explore different cuisines and cook them, bloc de foie gras is something you would love.

Contrary to what people consider, making cuisines from foie gras is not at all complicated. All you need is the knowledge of choosing the right brand and the recipe to cook a world-class dish. It is fun, and you would love to surprise your friends and family with your new-found French cooking prowess. So, let’s start your French cooking journey.

Where To Buy Foie Gras

You can easily find the best foie gras at all the gourmet grocery stores near you. However, finding a particular type can be challenging as you might want a foie gras of a different bird. So, you can go online and discover some of the best foie gras online stores with a lot of variety in the foie gras.

Preparing The Foie Gras At Home

Usually, you can use goose or duck liver to prepare the foie gras at your home. However, we suggest using the Moulard Duck, as it provides a rich and refined flavor that would suit any dish made of bloc de foie gras.

Store the foie gras in the freezer when you buy it from the shop. You get three options to choose from when you go on to buy a foie gras. You can go with the cubes, slices, or whole lobe foie gras.

Traditionally, to make bloc de foie gras, you need to use the cubes. Then you can condense and whip the cubes together, and you get your bloc de foie gras.

However, if you choose the lobes, you need to put them in the freezer to make them slightly chilled. Then to prepare the bloc de foie gras, you can slice them into cubes.

Way To Serve Whole Bloc Foie Gras

The Foie gras is a special delicacy that needs royal treatment during the serving. Serve the small portion or small slices.  Typically, you can use the dry fruit and nuts to compliment your bloc de foie gras. Many people like to use fig chutney or honey with the foie gras.

When selecting the mixes and flavors to compliment the flavor of foie gras, you can always rely on the fruity and acidic flavors. The sour and fruity flavor provides a nutty taste that blends surprisingly well with the bloc de foie gras.


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