With braised salmon head with soy sauce (ต้ม ซี อิ้ ว หัว ปลา แซลมอน, which is the term in Thai), dinner is always a treat and the more the merrier. Salmon is a fish that is rich in nutrients, tasty, and always a family and party favorite. The real confusion begins when deciding on a side dish that will go well with it. With so many options, anyone could feel overwhelmed.

Also, the thing that matters would be the flavor profile. The dish is very easy to prepare, and there are different ways by which you could cook it. So, whether you like it fancy or simple, there are recipes for all to take your pick.

While salmon wellington is often a rich dish that creates an explosion of flavors inside your mouth, the perfect side dish will enhance and make everything better. It should not outshine the fish and should be simple. For such ideas on sides that go well with salmon wellington, here are some.

Potato Salad

It is a very modest but at the same time a very filling recipe. You require boiled or baked potatoes and also some fresh herbs. It is a great replacement for your mayo and for dressing add some mustard. A French-inspired dish that will make your guests compelled to have a second helping.

Caramelized Roasted Cabbage Slices

If you want a healthier version of potato wedges, cabbage wedges would be the perfect replacement. They are crispy, savory and toasty, and surely ascends the rank of potato wedges.

Mushroom Rice Pilaf

This creamy rice not only goes well with braised salmon head with soy sauce but will go with everything when it comes to dinner. Top it off with an egg and make it your star side dish. Not only is it fulfilling but nutritious too.

Green Beans

Healthy and perfect, that goes well alongside your star main dish for dinner. They are flavourful, they are crisp and not to forget tender, and are quite simple to cook.

Cucumber Salad

A refreshing addition with the salmon wellington, it is a quick mix with cucumbers and some fresh chives chopped up. Perfect for your next barbeque with your friends.

Roasted Broccoli

Do not forget to have your greens too and this is one super simple, nutritious dish you could go for. Just a few minutes in the oven and it will come out all toasty, make sure to add some spice and garlicky flavor.

Carrot Alongside Cabbage Slaw

This is a summer side dish which is quite not like coleslaw but an elevated version that everyone will love. A subtle flavor from the citrus and by adding some peanuts, you would be making it a family favorite.

Therefore, these are some of the side dishes that complement salmon wellington in the best way possible. These simple dishes make your main course stand out even more for others to appreciate.


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