In mosques, Muslims offer prayers and do the worship of Allah. A mosque is a holy place for Muslims and they come to the mosque at least five times a day for namaz. There are many Muslims who come daily and it is very important to provide them the best area where they may easily offer namaz and the carpets provide them. The role of the carpet is as important for the mosque as it is for the home. In fact in mosques, carpets become more useful. The mosque carpets are long carpets that are very beautiful and functional. They are specially manufactured for the mosques and that’s why they are only suitable for the mosques. The interior of the mosque looks extremely adorable and charming with these long and tremendous carpets. Studies show that they keep the air inside the mosque clean from dust particles. The mosque carpet is included in the essential elements of the mosques.


As these carpets are specially manufactured for the mosques, so these carpets are very useful for the mosque and they contain a lot of characteristics which are as follows.

  • Easy to install

Many people have an idea that mosque carpets are difficult to install because they are large and heavy. It is right that these carpets are long but they are not heavy. They are easy to carry and they can be placed in a little time. It will save your installation expenses. You can install them yourself.

  • Comfortable Atmosphere

It is essential to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the Muslims when they come to the masjid. On the hard floor not anyone can easily sit and during namaz he may be disturbed. Mosque carpets allow them to offer namaz without any disturbance. They are very soft and smooth to sit. Anyone can sit comfortably on them for a long time.

  • Beautiful Patterns and Colors

The patterns and designs of mosque carpets are unique and different from ordinary carpets. In the mosque carpets, there are mostly line patterns. The designs having any picture does not print on these carpets. The carpets include simple but beautiful designs. They are available in different shapes and styles which can be fit in any shape of the interior. There are numerous colors in the designs and patterns but the red color is mostly used.

  • Easy to Maintain

No doubt the Muslims come barefoot in the mosque but carpets can get dusty after a month or so. Although the length of these carpets is big they are not difficult to clean. Their maintenance is quite an easy task. You can use a brush for their cleaning and you can vacuum them twice in two months.

  • Long Life

The mosque carpets are available in many materials and the life of each carpet depends on the material. We advise you to prefer wool on other materials. The wool mosque carpets are more durable and strong than others. They keep the cold floor warm.


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