Like all other kitchen instruments, an espresso machine can break down after a certain amount of time. But fixing an Espresso machine can be frustrating but it is necessary if you are someone like someone whose morning starts with a cup of coffee.

Same with Saeco Espresso Machines, they sometimes demonstrate some small problems. You can figure out by tasting a cup of espresso that there is something wrong.

Enough with those coffee lover talk. In the Saeco espresso machine reviews, I address some names of the problems people face with home espresso machines. So, I thought it would be beneficial for you to give solutions to those common and easy to fix issues. So, without further ado, let’s dive in right now.

Saeco Xelsis Troubleshooting Guide

Espresso is not coming out from my Saeco machine

There could be several factors which stop your espresso machine to produce coffee.

  • First, check if the reservoir of your machine has water in it. For tankless machines which receive water directly from the water system, make sure the water is turned on. For boiler attached machines, you need to prime the pump, put water in the machine.

  • Second reason could be the coffee is blocking the water path. This happens when there is too much coffee in the filter or the density of it is not allowing the water to pass though.

  • Last, the pump of your espresso machine may be clogged. Descaling should be done every month to clean up the paths. You can try running a descallign to clean any mineral deposits that are stuck in the pump.

After making sure every process above is fine, but still no coffee is coming out from the machine, then check the screen inside the group head. Coffee can also be jammed there. So, clean it.

Espresso coming out too slow from Saeco Espresso Machine

If the espresso comes out too fast or too slow from the machine both are problems. If it comes out too quickly, the espresso has either no, or little amount of crema on the top, and it is also too watery.

To fix that problem follow the steps –

  • First, make sure the grounds are not too spaced out. If it is then, the coffee grounds have enough space between them to make the water just flow through it. It doesn’t take enough coffee with it to make a perfect cup of coffee.

  • The freshness of your coffee beans also determine the water flow rate through the grounds.

  • Use grounds that have been properly grinded through a grinder.

  • Check, if there are enough grounds in the portafilter.

If the coffee from your Saeco Espresso Machine is coming out too slowly, your coffee will taste bitter. It is exact opposite problem of quick coffee coming out. Here, you have to open up the water flow through the water ground.

  • First thing could be, the pump may not be getting enough water pressure or it is broken.

  • The portafilter could be overloaded with too much coffee.

  • You should check the ground head screen. If you find coffee jammed there, then remove it and clean it.

  • This could be because you have tamped the coffee more than necessary.

  • Last, make sure your grounds are not grounded too much.

Water is not dispensing from Saeco Espresso Machine

The main reason why any Espresso machine’s head stops dispensing water is , it is blocked. And the block could be because you are not cleaning your pool regularly or if you do, then not cleaning in a proper way.

Most people don’t cleaner their coffee machine as frequently as coffee shops. Which leads to various issues. Backflushing can solve the mentioned issue. Backflushing is a popular term for machines that have a three-way valve. It is a process to clean the shower screen, brew group and three-way valve. Follow the steps to backflush  –

  • Remove the filter basket out from Saeco’s portafilter and place it in the blind basket( a filter basket with no hole).
  • Mix some backflush cleaner (approximately 0.5 teaspoons) into the blind basket.
  • Then, put the filter basket into its own place and start the pump.
  • For the first 20 seconds the pump will not make any noise. And, when the pump stop total sound, switch it off.
  • Do this process multiple times to backflush your coffee maker.

Final Verdict

An espresso machine needs troubleshooting now and then. And, not just with a Saeco espresso machine. By regular cleaning and maintenance, you can have less problem with your espresso machine.

Coffee has already become a part of our culture and it is really hard to spend a day without it. And, to have coffee every morning after getting up from the bed you need to maintain your espresso machine properly. You should follow the manufacturer’s guide to do that properly.


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