With thousands and millions of people out of job or furloughed, it is threatening for some others to return to their workplaces and not having thoughts of their safeties. With keeping in mind the additional usage of hand sanitizers, directive floor signage, or social distance maintenance, the workforces have come a long way. Now they are looking into cozier, safer, and more secure workplace environments than never before. Companies hence are now retracting down to the usage of Displetech plexiglass shieldscubicle divider screens, screen guards, or anti-viral COVID sheets to protect every other employee from the threat of exposure to the virus.


  • The base of the screen can be retractable anytime.
  • The “twist-out-feet” can be selected from two types: round feet type or t-bar feet type.
  • Thermally toughened glasses, unlike usual float glasses; increase safety and durability.
  • Rounded and smoothened edges, see-through glasses providing safety and visual looks.
  • Multiple clamps, preventing drilling or damaging mounting surfaces.
  • Can be adjusted and customized to create smaller workstations or larger partitions.
  • Availability of additional attachments to adjust heights.
  • Hinged partitions can provide dividing solutions to larger rooms, without having to worry about their storage.
  • Ceiling mounted guards and shields are hung around in retail outlets or banks where floor management can be tedious; available with chains.
  • Countertop shields do not need drilling or usage of screws. Easy solutions on the go.
  • Freestanding partitions allow partition queuing at 90-degree angles.
  • Rotatable, lockable castor wheels, enhancing easy mobility.
  • Glass office pods, for outdoor meeting arrangements.

Why do you need these?

  • Lightweight, easily portable.
  • Can be wiped and hygiene can be maintained.
  • Available in varied thicknesses, a plethora of screen ranges to choose from.
  • Can also be used as sneeze screens.
  • Optional air-flow management can be installed and controlled.
  • Installations are completely undertaken by the companies themselves.
  • Along with these comes a wide range of anti-slip floor stickers and signage that add additional instruction benefits.

The safety protocols over the years have been changing drastically and one such peak has been attained during fighting the COVID-19. Likewise, the evolution of safety products could also be seen. One such magnanimous evolution could be studied in this case of glass shield solutions that are getting even better for the good.


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