Portable fume extractors offer a flexible, source capture solution for taking out metalworking fumes and smoke. The source capture system allows instant removal, which makes it highly effective in removing smoke, fume, and other harmful particulates. Contact to metalworking fumes is federally and locally controlled owing to the health and safety hazards that are related to it. Contact to metalworking fumes and smoke for more extended periods can lead to a range of minor to serious health problems.

Portable fume extraction systems function by using a fume arm that fastens to a blower and filter to pull welding fumes, smoke, and other particles away from the source. A portable welding fume extractor can be moved easily from one place to another, making it perfect for lots of metalworking industries like soldering, metal cutting, grinding, and welding.

How beneficial are they?

These are some top benefits of portable fume extractors:

  1. Quick and affordable

Portable fume extraction systems are a quick and budget-friendly solution for metalworking fumes removal. They do not need to be installed anywhere. As well, they are easy to buy.

  1. Pulse cleaning

Portables use a pulsing system that pushes dirt and other pollutants to fall into a bin. The pulse cleaning system makes sure that filters can be utilized to their utmost capability.

  1. Unique features

A few portables come with an extended filter life. They even come with the 360-degree movement feature that’s probable with a series of articulating joints enabling relocation and revolving of the suction hood as needed.

  1. Rough construction

Some portable fume extractors are made of metal and aluminium constituents to avoid melting or cracking over time.

How to select a portable welding fume extractor?

Below are a few things you need to keep in your head when shopping for a portable welding fume extractor:

  1. Performance

You must look for features like pulse cleaning filters and high-performance blowers in a portable fume extraction system. High-performance blowers make sufficient airflow for ensuring as much harmful particulate as possible is trapped. Pulse cleaning filters shed particulate from filter media, eradicating re-entrainment.

  1. Safety

Apart from making toxic fumes, welding processes also produce more sparks. The portables must include spark resistance technology to avoid sparks from becoming full-blown fires throughout the ventilation process. This process is most efficiently used by extinguishing sparks before they have a possibility to touch the filter media and dust collector.

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