September 2020


Have you recently purchased a French bulldog and are looking for ways to feed it in the best way? If you have no idea how to feed your canine friend, then follow this section. The French bulldogs between 2 months to 6 months of age must be fed thrice a day. Once it crosses 6 months, you may feed it twice a day. Now you may wonder about the food quantity. Feed 1 and a half cup of food if the puppy is between 8-12 weeks. Feed half cup dog food thrice daily, but once it grows up the quantity will change. Its is the vet who can advice puppy feeding chart for your Frenchie. Feeding a dog the apt quantity of food as per its age, body type and activity level can reduce flatulence and farting. Besides, the dog won’t be sick every now and then. Again, you should be careful about choosing a feeding bowl. Vets recommend certain kinds of food bowls for the Frenchies. You may get these bowls and other supplies from

Feeding tips for a Frenchie dog 

When you buy a French bulldog, make sure it has left its mother’s milk. This happens when a puppy crosses 2-3 weeks. Choose a puppy which eats dog food and does not rely on mother’s milk for nutrition. Feed the Frenchie dog thrice daily for it burns a lot of calories in the process of growing up. They expend a lot of energy and calories in being playful. Till the puppy reaches an age of 6 months, you should feed half a cup of dog food thrice a day. So, the total number of cups come around to one and a half cups.

Feed as per the weight of Frenchie

It is necessary to feed a Frenchie dog as per its weight for the calories are difficult to count. For each pound of dog’s weight, you should feed 20-30 calories. It will be great to weigh a puppy at the vet’s clinic. But, this is only possible if the puppy knows how to sit. The scale needs to be accurate. On the other hand, try and adjust between dry and wet food. Serve a variety of foods to the puppy as per the nutritional needs. Feed smaller meals to a Frenchie for larger meals can cause a twisted stomach. Once your dog reaches an age of 9 months, it can follow usual eating routines.

Feed a Frenchie little less once it reaches senior years. An overweight dog should be fed less. Again, feed the dog as per the health conditions it is suffering from.

It is noticeable that the professionalization of companies has brought a lot of sophistication in business management, with the use of various tools and mechanisms that were previously used only by large economic groups.

In this article we are going to deal with a financial mechanism to protect against risks linked to companies’ assets and liabilities, more specifically the hedge. Our intention here is not to go deeper into hedge mechanisms, but rather to understand how taxation occurs considering the option for Real Profit; very frequent doubt on the part of the taxpayer and which we will try to simplify below.

In a very brief way, we have that the hedge operation aims to protect the assets, rights, obligations inherent to price or rate fluctuations over time. For further details regarding hedge mechanisms, we recommend reading this article. Learn more information about sales tax calculator zip code.

Hedge taxation

That said, we started to talk about how the tax legislation regulated the matter in relation to the incidence, considering that the most important thing is to understand the deductibility of losses resulting from this operation, since the gains will always be taxed.

First, we will analyze the temporal criterion, that is, the moment when the result (gains and losses) should impact the calculation in the Real Profit. In this case, we have that the positive or negative results will be recognized for tax purposes only when they are realized, as determined.

In other words, the results of hedge operations, which are included in the list of operations listed in the mentioned Article 32, should be offered for taxation only when the contract is settled.

However, as we already know, from an accounting point of view, hedge contracts are subject to fair value adjustment, therefore, their variation is recognized in the accounts throughout the term of the contract.

Thus, considering that the results should be taxed only when the contract is concluded, these will be added (in the case of loss) or excluded (in the case of gain) in the calculation of the Real Profit and will only impact the Real Profit when the settlement of the contract.

Having overcome the temporal criterion of offering to tax variations resulting from hedge operations, it is important to understand now the criteria to be observed for the deductibility of losses on this operation.

Transactions carried out for hedging purposes are considered derivative transactions intended exclusively to protect against risks inherent to price or rate fluctuations, when the object of the negotiated contract:

  • is related to the operational activities of the legal entity; and
  • to protect the rights or obligations of the legal entity.

The provision in the caput also applies to hedge transactions carried out in the financial markets or in the future settlement of interest rates, security prices, commodities, exchange rates and indices, provided that they aim at protection of businesses related to the company’s operational activity and are intended to protect the rights or obligations of the legal entity.

As we all know the scope and the importance of the interest in our life have increased to the next level. Whether it comes to office work or school projects or any other research stuff it could not be done without the use of the internet. Now even for entertainment, we are dependent on the internet so much. We are more involved in online games. However, these games do not provide entertainment only but also can become a source of income. For example, some games provide a chance to win money, the winning amount can be small or large that depends on the game. We as the young generation are more interested in such kind of games where we can not only enjoy it but also can make money while enjoying. These games are either played online or on websites. The fantasy IPL league is one of the examples of such games. You can play fantasy IPL online and win real money. In this game, a player can make his team in a fantasy IPL league based on real cricket statistics. As it is an online game it is played with the help of the internet.

IPL stands for the Indian Premier League. It is a famous league in India. Everyone keeps an interest in this league whether its boys or girls. Sometimes we feel like being a part of this game. Technology has made it possible also, we can join IPL online through fantasy IPL. We can join this game and make our team by selecting players on the real game basis.

To join a game it is very obvious to register yourself for the game, just like that, you also need to register for it, if you want to be a part of this league.

Following are the steps to be followed to get yourself registered for this league:

  • First of all, you will have to sign up on an app for a fantasy IPL game. There are many apps available online to join this game, you can search on web best IPL earning app to find the best app for this game. For registration, you will have to provide your details like your full name, age, address, qualification, date of birth, etc. After signing up you can select players and make your team. Players shall be selected on real IPL statistics.
  • You can join any game in IPL like cricket, football, basketball, etc. You will have to select players and make your team as per the required team pattern. For example, if you are joining cricket IPL, you will have to make your team as required to play cricket. That means you will be required to select one wicketkeeper, five batsmen, three bowlers, two all-rounders, and also three extra players to cover the risk of if any player fails to take part in the game.
  • After making the team, you can join the different leagues by paying an entry fee. The entry fee paid by every team owner shall be pooled together and declared as the winning prize amount. This way you can win a big amount of money by paying a small amount of money as an entry fee.
  • For every selected player, you will have to pay the price of the player. The price shall depend on the value of the player. In simple words, the higher the value of the player means the higher the price of the player. You can also further resell the player at a higher price.
  • The highest scores making team shall win the league.

All the points mentioned above, show the steps of fantasy IPL.

There are many benefits to play this game.

Following are the benefits to play this game:

  • The major benefit of playing this game is, you can earn real money while playing this game. Nowadays people are more interested in playing games rather than doing work and making money. This is the best way for such people to earn money. You can make proper utilization of your time and resources to make money.
  • You can make use of your knowledge of the real game as this game is based on real statistics. If you know about real-life IPL then this is the best opportunity for you to make use of your knowledge for earning money.
  • To be a part of the game, you will have to pay a small amount of money as an entry fee. Entry fee paid by all team owners shall be pooled together and be declared as the winning prize amount. This can be the best opportunity to earn a big amount of money by only paying a small entry fee.
  • It is an online game. You can make online friends on this game and join matches with them and fix the winning prize amount. You can play friendly matches with your online game friends.
  • It will also improve your decision making and trading skills. As you will have to focus on the player and to decide which player to buy and which one not to buy. You will have to make this decision based on the past performances of the players. The better the player the more the price of the player shall be. After buying the player you can further trade them at higher prices.
  • It will also improve your planning making. As you will have to make to both short term and long term plans in the game. You will have to make plans about which player to hold on the short term and which player to hold in the long term.

Games like this are the best examples of an interesting way of earning money. Being a game it provides you entertainment but not only entertainment also a way of making real money. If you are interested in sports and keep knowledge of sports and leagues, you can use that knowledge in earning money. This game also proves the benefits of the internet, it has made many things easy and possible.

Yogyakarta is known as a vacation site when compared with the cosmopolitan Bali. In Yogyakarta, you can find a budget stays all over town. With the evolving use of shared space, holiday rentals, and today homestays are mushrooming on the internet to welcome tourists from around the world to enjoy Yogyakarta’s rhythm. With a list of best festivals performed live throughout the entire year, here are some suggestions for homestays in Yogyakarta and Magelang that you can stay:

  1. Omah Kecebong Homestay

Here, you can experience exciting activities following local cultures, including an ox cart ride while enjoying the rural countryside. Built beside paddy fields, this is a restaurant cum horticulture farm cum homestay. The serenity and calmness which you feel here will envelop you. Head to the market for a fast meal, have your next meal with a Koi fish-pond or read a book in a hammock, what an exciting holiday!

  1. Umah D’kali Homestay

A mix of decoration and Javanese tradition with higher-level relaxation, nestled in the edge of a river, in the middle of vegetation. This artistic home is more than a place to stay. Details of the fusion of distinct influences make this artistic masterpiece of space. This homestay provides relaxation while inspirational and enriching your journey.

  1. Alamanda Family Java Joglo Homestay

This homestay is Perched in the middle of a 4.000 square meters rice paddy. It is only 5 minutes from Jogja City Mall. The Alamanda Family Java Joglo is merely a unique point that will immediately attract your attention. A few walk from a real Indonesian village, its top Indonesian restaurant, an on-site saltwater swimming pool, and specialties you can enjoy. A wonderful view from the terrace or a tasty BBQ can be there, just a stone’s throw from your bedside.

  1. Villa Padi Homestay

Take advantage of friendly services and amenities at this stunning property. Enter into one of four inviting rooms and escape the stresses of the day. You will find excellent facilities nearby. Such as a golf course (within 3 kilometers), an outdoor pool, massage, children’s playground, and a lush garden that will help you unwind. Cuddle in the lounge area with a built-in fireplace to heat your body and your mood.

  1. Ndalem Nitihardjan Yogyakarta

Ndalem Nitihardjan Homestay in Yogyakarta will make your experience living in a Javanese village with local style design yet with the modern in-house facility. Enjoy the beauty of the temples by cycling and inhale the fresh atmosphere of rural life in the center of Java. This place will make you wish to linger on as this place is only a mere 10 minutes away from Borobudur’s entrancing sunrise.

  1. Tingal Laras Homestay

Situated in a quiet surrounding, Tingal Laras Homestay has artful nuances. Here you can be given the gorgeous experience to learn how to create “Batik,” the traditional Javanese cloth, and choose free bike trips if you want to cycle around the neighborhood. Tingal Laras Homestay also provides pick up service from and to the airport.

Travel to Yogyakarta is more than just accommodation. It’s also about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Yogyakarta and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and a place where you can find various individuals from across Indonesia and overseas. Indonesia’s motto, including Jakarta, is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which means “Unity in Diversity.” All people have brought their culinary customs and made the city an exciting place to eat. Perhaps due to this diversity, Jakarta’s cultural group, the Betawi, can get overlooked. However, the people, and their food, has influences well valuable noting.

Talking about Betawi, the origin of the Betawi goes back to Dutch colonialism in the 17th century. Betawi are a mixture of Sundanese, Javanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabs, Chinese, and other immigrants who came to Jakarta at the time, making them the latest formed ethnic group in Indonesia. Thus, their influences are essential. These diverse ethnic groups that the Betawi are composed of control of many aspects of Betawi traditions and conventional food.

There are many different variations of Betawi cuisines. Here’s what’s served in fine-dining restaurants. There is food made by street food sellers or “pedagang kaki lima” in Indonesian. Then there is the cuisine served in Indonesian-themed restaurants. The prices at Indonesian-themed restaurants usually are higher than street food sellers but not as expensive as fine-dining restaurants. For authentic Betawi cuisine, locals almost always advise that you avoid fine-dining restaurants and order one of these five best Betawi dishes.

  1. Kerak Telor

Kerak Telor is a spicy omelet dish. It is made with glutinous rice cooked with egg and seasoned with ginger, sugar, salt, and aromatic ginger. Kerak Telor usually served with dried shrimp, serundeng (fried shredded coconut), fried shallots on top. Back in the colonial era, these dishes were considered a privileged food that was just served to the colonial government and upper-class Betawi. Now, it’s regarded as a cheap snack and can be bought from street-food vendors.

  1. Asinan Betawi

Asinan Betawi is the Betawi’s version of a salad. It is made with carrots, tofu, cucumber, lettuce, pickled cabbage, and peanuts. These dishes are topped with a refreshing peanut, vinegar, and chili dressing. And it is also prepared with krupuk mie Kuning (yellow noodle crackers), which come from the Dutch.

  1. Soto Betawi

Soto Betawi is a beef soup with fried potatoes, offals, and tomato cooked in a cow’s milk or coconut milk. It is served with fried shallots, emping (fried chips made from Gnetum gnemon berry), lime, cucumber pickles, and chili on the side. White rice accompanies the dish typically.

  1. Nasi Uduk

Nasi Uduk is usually consumed for breakfast or dinner. Nasi Uduk (which translates to mixed rice) is rice cooked with coconut milk seasoned with cinnamon, ginger, pepper, nutmeg, and lemongrass. This rice is often served alongside fried tofu, chicken, fried egg, dried tempeh (fermented soybean cake). Nasi Uduk is also served pre-packed in a banana leaf. Do not forget to add chili, the must-have in almost every Indonesian dish.

  1. Mie Kangkung

Mie Kangkung is a chicken noodle soup made out of kangkung (water spinach), shredded chicken, and yellow egg noodles. It is served in a thick sauce made with tapioca and chicken or beef broth seasoned with garlic and sweet soy sauce. Mie Kangkung generally served with a sprinkling of fried shallots on top and chili on the side, even though some areas add bean sprouts, meatballs, and mushrooms.

Ready to do culinary in Jakarta and trying all the dishes above? Before you go to Jakarta, be sure to explore more about Jakarta and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.


Nowadays, churches are becoming aware of the concept of church software which comes with a myriad of benefits and advantages and text-giving is the new way that allows donors to pay to a non-profit, church, or an organization through text. You might think about safety and security but this is a safe way by which supporters could text a keyword and the amount. 

For churches, this is one of the easiest ways by which you could make people pay for a cause and their monthly church donations too. Church software helps in organizing finance, management, and other aspects. Otherwise, manually this might be a source of mistake and wastage of time too. Here are the top ways by which text-giving is a good option. 

More People Get to Donate

Nowadays, when people visit churches hardly do they carry cash or even cheque. Again, most of them carry their credit card or their debit card. But, when was the last time you have seen a church have a card reader? 

This could often create a barrier among the church and the people who wish to give. Everyone has mobile phones now with which the concept of text-giving is a widespread one. Donors could also opt for recurring payments. This increases the number of people on an average who are donating.   

Everything Happens In an Organised Way

Church software has transformed the way churches are run nowadays, and text-giving is an inexpensive option and donors have the liberty to choose the type of fund they want to donate in. Setting up this donation method is easy and whether a donor wants to donate for the youth or the mission or church maintenance, one could do it specifically.  

With text-giving, usually, the amounts are deposited within a couple of days. Therefore, you always get the payment in a timely manner. This helps the church to be better stewards with money being donated on a timely basis.  

Use Text Giving For More Than Offering

Church software offers churches the chance to create custom registration forms for events. And, with each form comes a unique URL that could be shared on the church website and one could go for text-giving, and donate for their community too. Whether mission trips or summer camps, great opportunities come with text-giving. 

Therefore, these are some of the primary reasons as to why one should be opting for text-giving and how both donor and the church could benefit from it.

The fun way to pass your time while indoors is by playing rummy card games. All rummy lovers will agree that there could be no better way to entertain oneself when indoors. Khelplay Rummy offers that amazing platform where you can enjoy several sessions of rummy card games online. The best part is that you can enjoy the game at any hour of the day. However, to win rummy games, there are some things you need to consider. Here we have listed out some tricks to ensure that you win more often in rummy card games. Check them out:

Understand the Game First

Before you start playing the game, it is important to understand the game and the terminology used on Khelplay Rummy. This will ensure that you don’t lose rummy card games due to lack of knowledge. Take time to get acquainted with terms like pure sequence, first drop, second drop, life and full hand. It is possible that the terminology used on Khelplay Rummy is slightly different from the one used in offline games. This adds to the need of getting accustomed to the new terminology.

Practice a Few Sessions

Even if you have played rummy offline several times, it is a good idea to practice rummy online a few times before participating in cash gaming. The Khelplay Rummy app allows you to choose between practice chips and real chips. Playing a few rounds of practice gaming will boost your confidence and will also help you understand the online platform better. Once this is achieved, you can go ahead and participate in cash gaming rummy tournaments.

Know How Organising the Hand Helps

It does not matter whether you are playing rummy card games online or offline. Arranging the cards in proper order always helps in rummy card games. A good player arranges the cards in order to ensure that he remembers his hand. He will place the cards in action at the central area of the hand. This ensures that the cards hold maximum visual focus. He may place the cards to be disposed to one end of the hand and joker cards to the other end of the hand.

Understand How to Predict Opponent Moves

Yes, observing and predicting opponent moves is possible. A good rummy player is able to predict the moves of the opponent. This requires good observation skills. When the opponent disposes a card, it could imply that he is not making a sequence with that or its adjacent cards. If he disposes jokers, it could mean he is struggling to complete his pure sequence. If he is disposing low point cards, it could mean that he is close to finishing his hand. There are many things about the opponent’s hand that can be judged through simple observation.

Know the Significance of Joker Cards

Joker cards are very important in rummy card games. They can be used to complete any sequence except for the pure sequence. They may also be used to complete melds. A good player knows the true importance of joker cards. He is able to make the best use of these cards.

There are different types of jokers in rummy games. A few jokers exist in the deck and are used as jokers. Apart from these, some people also use blank cards present in the deck as jokers. In rummy card games, the player next to the dealer pulls out a random card from the deck. All cards of this value are treated as pulled out jokers and maybe used instead of jokers.

Always Create Multiple Options to Win

Good players know that sticking to one set of cards to win does not make sense. That is why these players make the best use of probability. They create alternate sets of incomplete sequences. This means that a number of cards can help them complete their hand. This increases their chances of winning sooner in the Indian Rummy card games they are playing.

Learn More from Each Game You Play

If you are a good rummy player, you will always be eager to learn. You will always be looking for new ways to outwit the opponent. Each time you lose in rummy games, you learn a new lesson about rummy gaming. This makes you an expert in rummy card games.