Have you recently purchased a French bulldog and are looking for ways to feed it in the best way? If you have no idea how to feed your canine friend, then follow this section. The French bulldogs between 2 months to 6 months of age must be fed thrice a day. Once it crosses 6 months, you may feed it twice a day. Now you may wonder about the food quantity. Feed 1 and a half cup of food if the puppy is between 8-12 weeks. Feed half cup dog food thrice daily, but once it grows up the quantity will change. Its is the vet who can advice puppy feeding chart for your Frenchie. Feeding a dog the apt quantity of food as per its age, body type and activity level can reduce flatulence and farting. Besides, the dog won’t be sick every now and then. Again, you should be careful about choosing a feeding bowl. Vets recommend certain kinds of food bowls for the Frenchies. You may get these bowls and other supplies from Frenchiestore.com.

Feeding tips for a Frenchie dog 

When you buy a French bulldog, make sure it has left its mother’s milk. This happens when a puppy crosses 2-3 weeks. Choose a puppy which eats dog food and does not rely on mother’s milk for nutrition. Feed the Frenchie dog thrice daily for it burns a lot of calories in the process of growing up. They expend a lot of energy and calories in being playful. Till the puppy reaches an age of 6 months, you should feed half a cup of dog food thrice a day. So, the total number of cups come around to one and a half cups.

Feed as per the weight of Frenchie

It is necessary to feed a Frenchie dog as per its weight for the calories are difficult to count. For each pound of dog’s weight, you should feed 20-30 calories. It will be great to weigh a puppy at the vet’s clinic. But, this is only possible if the puppy knows how to sit. The scale needs to be accurate. On the other hand, try and adjust between dry and wet food. Serve a variety of foods to the puppy as per the nutritional needs. Feed smaller meals to a Frenchie for larger meals can cause a twisted stomach. Once your dog reaches an age of 9 months, it can follow usual eating routines.

Feed a Frenchie little less once it reaches senior years. An overweight dog should be fed less. Again, feed the dog as per the health conditions it is suffering from.


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