DVI cables are the best options for obtaining clear and brighter pictures and videos with higher resolution when an uncompressed picture/video is transferred from a controller to a display device. In other words, the primary job of a DVI cable is to preserve the clarity and brightness of the signal when it is being transferred from one device to the other. Besides, it’s mostly of two types – DVI-D cable and DVI-I cable. The lesser used version is the DVI-A cable. 

That said, we have made a list of many options like the Primecables DVI cables that you’ll find most useful. Have a look! 

  1. DVI-D Digital Dual Link Cable

This 6-feet long gold plated cable is used as a connecting interface between PCs and digital CRT displays, flat panel displays, projectors, and HDTVs.

  1. DVI-D Single-Link Male to Male Cable

This 6 ft DVI-D cable (18+1) is used to connect PCs with:

  • Flat panel displays
  • Digital CRT displays
  • Projectors
  • HDTVs
  1. DVI-I Dual Link(24+5) to VGA Cable

This is a 25ft long cable that is used to connect a DVI video port to a VGA port without the need of an adapter. 

Now, these are the 2 most popular DVI cables you can buy at prime cables. However, the other most popular cable next to the DVI cables are HDMI cables. Thus, we have also made a small list of 3 different kinds of HDMI to DVI cables that you might find useful. Have a look! 

  1. HDMI to DVI-D Dual Link Cable

This 6ft cable is bidirectional – it can convert HDMI to DVI and DVI to HDMI. Some of its features that you must know about include the following. 

  • It supports resolution as high as 1080p.
  • Its gold plated connectors are triply shielded.

You can have a look at this one-of-the-most-popular cables here, https://www.primecables.ca/p-309045-6ft-hdmi-to-dvid-dual-link-28awg-high-speed-bidirectional-cable-black-primecables

  1. 28AWG High Speed HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

This is a special kind of converter cable that’s used as an interface between a device that has an HDMI connector and another device that has a single Link DVI-D connector. Some of the more advanced features of this cable are listed below. 

  • It is built to absorb EMI/RFI noises that otherwise deteriorate the quality of the signal being transferred. 
  • It supports 1080p resolution as well as the 4k 3840 x 2160P resolution @ 24 Hz.

Have a look at the many other features of this cable here, https://www.primecables.ca/p-355548-6ft-28awg-high-speed-hdmi-to-dvi-adapter-cable-w-ferrite-cores-black-monoprice

All in all, the DVI, HDMI to DVI, and DVI to HDMI converter cables are the few types that can simplify your work. 

Have a look at more such options here, https://www.primecables.ca/c-1007-hdmi-to-dvi-cables.


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