If you are considering a move to a more rural area, you have probably thought a lot about the obvious pros and cons of being further away from a large city and all the possible amenities that offers. A few things you may miss about being near a city are the cultural, entertainment, dining, and other various opportunities that cities offer.

However, the trade-off to living in a more rural area may appeal to some. If you are thinking of moving to a rural area, consider these reason that you should settle down there:

More Land

This is one of the more obvious reasons, and probably one of the top reasons people may choose to live rurally. In the city, space is limited, and you may be lucky to have a balcony, small green space, or nearby public park to visit. Even suburbs offer defined yards space, bound by neighbors’ yards.

But rural living offers unbound acreage if that is what you desire. You can buy a wooded property with seemingly infinite area to develop or leave as you please. With all of this land, comes possibilities and freedom (within the legal bounds of your town or county).


Closely related to the issue of land space is the idea of privacy. While living in a city may have you sharing a building, or even an apartment with others, and suburbs put you in close proximity with your neighbors, living in a rural area can give you the privacy that some desire.

Your nearest neighbor in a rural area may be miles away, which can be a plus for those looking for some peace and privacy, but can also be a con in times of emergency. If you do seek the privacy of rural living, just be sure that you have a plan in place and emergency contacts should you need them.


Rural living is definitely a great option for animal lovers. If you already have pets and are feeling cramped in a city apartment or a suburban backyard, rural living could be just the thing that your active dog needs. Or you can expand your family to include horses, chickens, or more. If you have the land, the means, and the proper paperwork, you can even expand to a full farm.

If farming is not on your radar, but you still love animals, rural living will also expose you to more varied wildlife than city life. You can birdwatch or maybe even sneak a peek of some deer, fox, or other wildlife on your property.

Active Lifestyle

Rural living is also great for those who have an active lifestyle and love the outdoors. If you love hiking, living on a rural property will put the hiking trail right in your backyard. Living in a rural area also puts you closer to other natural areas perfect for outdoor recreation.

For example, if Banff, Alberta is on your list of possible rural areas to live in and you have glanced at Banff homes for sale, you can see that you will be near so many opportunities for outdoor recreation, including the national park, Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise, and more, which offer opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, and so much more.

As you can see, there are many reasons to live rurally. If you are already considering a move to a more rural area, you are probably aware of the tradeoffs, and if you find that the pros outweigh the cons, you will be ready to settle down surrounded by nature.  


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